Helping people cultivate meaningful and connected relationships.


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Values Alignment

Deepen your understanding of your core values and develop positive habits to lead a life in alignment with those values.


Develop the emotional intelligence to become aware of your emotions and how to respond to them on a daily basis and amidst  challenging situations. Learn to accept those emotions, and enhance your ability to respond not react.


Mental & Physical wellness

Develop mental and physical wellness to achieve optimal performance at work, at home, within your relationships, and in your athletic pursuits.


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Samuel Johns is an entrepreneur and Ironman triathlete. While working with other ambitious individuals at fast-growing companies, he realized his mission was to coach individuals to identify and connect with their core values, and from there go on to build skills and habits to live with greater clarity, connection, and wellbeing. His background in business, athletics and mindfulness serve as pillars to his work as a coach. His clients include business leaders, working professionals, individuals in career transition, parents, as well as amateur and professional athletes.


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